Do I need to perform a talent?   No, we do not have a talent competition.

What is the cost to enter and are there any hidden fees?  No hidden fees.  It's $400 to compete and $75 for your state crown & sash.

What does state title or local crown & sash mean?  You are competing for a national title "USS America" for the United Southern States Pageant system. Each contestant will be awarded a state or regional title.  You can also choose a state to which you or your family was born or once lived.  For example, If you live in Oklahoma but was born in California, you can choose Miss California if available.  Ordering the custom embroidered sash & crown gives you the opportunity to start making appearances.  Click here to see title examples  

Do I need to purchase a state crown & sash?  The purchase is optional but highly recommended so that you may start making appearances.  You will not be allowed to order your own crown & sash as ours have specific colors and fonts.

Do I need experience?  No, many of our contestants have never competed before.

Do I need to be a certain weight or height?  No, our judges are not scoring on weight & height.

What is the contestant gift exchange?  This is for fun and optional and a pageant tradition.  This is a "ice breaker" during the orientation.  Small little "friendship gifts" exchanged between each contestant that usually represent something personal of themselves.  *For example - one year Ms Dallas gave everyone pink luggage tags because she was a flight attendant.  Two weeks prior to the pageant  the final contestant count will be displayed on the site.

Do I need to sell a certain amount of tickets.  No, bring as many or as few guest as you wish.  Tickets can be purchased on-line or at the door. 

I am divorced with children, can I still compete?  Yes, the MS division is open to single, divorced, widowed ages 18-49 and you can have children.

What is the Ms Lady USS America?  This is for women, ages 50-60 who are either single, married or widowed and still enjoys pageantry.  We believe in celebrating the beauty with-in women of various ages!  The winning sash will reflect Ms Lady USS America regardless of marital status.

How do I know what to do pageant day?    We have a pageant day packet that you can download from the FORMS TO ENTER page.  The packet will tell you everything you need to know for the day of the pageant.  You can also email us at txcrowns@aol.com or  713-992-0178.

Is there a swimsuit competition?  No, we do not have a swimsuit portion of the competition.  We do have a fun fashion or fitness wear portion.

Is there a personal interview with the judges? No, there is no personal interview, however, there will be one on-stage question during evening gown that will be asked by one of the judges.  The questions are never political or controversial.   You will also submit a written biography for the judges. 

What does USS stand for?  USS is  the abbreviation for United Southern States.  

How to I sign up?  Please go to the FORMS TO ENTER page and download the application.  We accept payments online or you can mail to the address on the application. 

Tina Fox Manley