Celebrating 7 years of excellence.  Now awarding state titles.

Ms United Southern States of America Pageant host pageants for women of various ages throughout the United States. Crowning multiple titles in one evening. Mrs USS America, Ms USS America, Miss USS America & Miss USS America Teen & Ms Lady USS America.  Open to single, married & divorced women throughout all of America ages 14-60. Now awarding local titles in your state or region. The Ms USS America Pageant has a rich history of empowering women to achieve their dreams and goals through pageantry and celebrating the beauty with-in each contestant. Get Fantastic prizes awarded to all.  Join our pageant family today and start making appearances in your state.  

2017 Ms  Miss  Mrs & Teen

United Southern States America National Pageant

for all ages.

Teen ages 14-17

Miss ages 18-24

Ms ages 18-49

Mrs ages 18-49

Lady USS ages 50-60

email: txcrowns@aol.com

Celebrate our 8 year Anniversary!

Low competition fee's & bonus offers.

National's pageant will be held at the Hampton Inn near Houston Bush Airport August 5th & 6th 2017